Lyves Returns With a Beautiful Single ‘How Would It Feel’ 

London-based artist and producer, Lyves, returns with a superb new single ‘How Would It Feel’. 

‘How Would It Feel’ is a progressive alternative R&B track, written and produced by Lyves with a collaboration with Nathanael Williams. The track combines elements of 70s soul, Jazz, and 2000’s R&B, all blending into one masterpiece. Lyves’ depthful and emotional vocals will transport you to a world of imagination and get you in your feels.

The pleasant piano, the melody, with percussion textures cherry on top of course is Lyves vocals filled with depth and emotions 

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Lyves said: “Lyrically, it feels like a letter to myself from the subconscious – I very rarely plan what I’m writing about before I improvise or put pen to paper. It feels like a stream of consciousness, where I allow my intuition to take the lead. Listening back today, I suppose it’s about loving someone but not wanting to acknowledge that you’re in it alone – you can sense the other person slowly slipping away and therefore you try harder, but the harder you try, the faster they eventually disappear. ‘How Would It Feel’ feels like one last deep-dive into hope – a daydream into what it would be like if things were to work out […] if we couldn’t lose”.

We can’t wait to hear more from Lyves!

Check out ‘How Would It Feel’ below: