MA/SA Drops a Heartfelt Single ‘In My Breath’

Not often, you listen to a song and it takes you on an emotional roller coaster from the first time you hear it. This is what MA/SA’s single ‘In My Breath’ did to us. Both the song and music video will leave you speechless. 

The song and Mathew’s voice will haunt you. “For me this song is about the ending of a long-term relationship and learning how to live with the void of that deeply-rooted bond- and the distraction that we use to not feel the heartache and loss, to avoid looking deep into the mirror and confronting our own mistakes and misgivings”, said MA/SA in his statement. 

The music video portrays the dark place that a person falls to when they’re grieving after a breakup. “Coming to terms with the loss is the only way to eventually grow out of that darkness”, said the director Didier Konings, who was able to depict the emotional state as accurately as possible. 

Watch the music video below: