King Keon Is On Top Of His Game In “Like Master P”

Rising star King Keon recently shared a stunning single called “Like Master P” which has skyrocketed the artist’s popularity with over 400K plays. A dynamic, high-energy song, “Like Master P” draws on King Keon’s ability to sincerely deliver his thoughts while at the same time carrying an aura of flirtatious fun throughout the song. The music video for “Like Master P” was produced by Ky Mon$y and directed by Rock Davis and quickly became the sound of North Jersey, the artist’s home.

With an uncanny emphasis on authenticity, King displays grounded lyrical content which can be heard on many songs. The multidimensional aspect of KOK Records’ front man is seen through King’s swag-ridden stature and style. In street mode, he is the calculated bad-boy that we avoid crossing, at all costs. In super-clean mode, suddenly he transforms into the ultimate Don-like figure with very slick and smooth production efforts.

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