Top 5 Coolest Music Videos In Hip-Hop In 2022

“City of Gods” by Kanye West x Alicia Keys x Fivio Foreign

This is a stunning piece, completely rethinking visual aesthetics and minimalism in imagery. The music and lyrics are, of course, exquisite, making the listener feel both the excitement and the anxiety of the megacity – New York. But it is the visuals that truly bring everything together into a smooth harmony. Simple black and white colors as well as the utilization of shade alongside some bizzare close-ups make the music video unforgettable with over 8 million plays and counting. 

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“Sweetest Pie” by Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa

Perhaps the funnest music video of this year – and it shouldn’t come as a surprise – is “Sweetest Pie” by two stunning ladies Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa. Filled with ecstatic visual effects by UPP and masterful direction by Dave Meyers. Dress-up, cosplay, magical Narnia-like land, spider’s den and oh-so-much-more! The music video is like a fantasy story that unfolds in front of our eyes. Truly, the “sweetest pie” for our enjoyment!

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“OTW” by Lil Wayne x MoneyBagg Yo x Gucci Mane

Lil Wayne drops another classical track with the good-old hip-hop vibes called “OTW”. The song features talented artists MoneyBagg Yo and Gucci Mane who rap beautifully throughout the three-minute song that is practically a visual paradise. The music video was directed by Cole Bennett depicting stunning urban scenes and vibrant play of neon lights. The familiar seems unfamiliar and vice versa as the three artists showcase their raw talent and artistry.

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“Golden Child” by Lil Durk

On the more serious side, “Golden Child” by Lil Durk carries quite a vibe. The music video was shot by JerryPHD and has around 5 million views and counting. Short and on point, the two-minute track shows loads of cash, gorgeous Ferraris and the artist rapping but all of this is seen through an off-kilter lens which makes the viewer quite fidgety. Of course, the deep meaning of the song is reflected through the lyrics but the clip has gained quite an army of fans as well. 

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“Scared Money” by YG x MoneyBagg Yo x J. Cole

“Scared money don’t make no money,” the rapper sings his chorus as the intriguing music continues. YG created another awesome track his fans are absolutely in love with and it is a collab with J. Cole and MoneyBagg Yo. Each artist adds his uniqueness to the ensemble, making both the song and the music video exceptional. The latter somewhat resembles the entire “Money Heist” vibe with its color scheme and point of view. With over 8 million plays, this clip is certainly one to be remembered. 

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