Audrie Powell Drops a Sensual R&B Track ‘Just Another’ And Music Video

Uprising singer Audrie Powell released a new song ‘Just Another’ accompanied by a music video. 

‘Just Another’ is the perfect embodiment of Audire Powell’s identity as an artist – it is soulful and gets you in your feels. This sensual R&B track will get you hooked and you want to listen to it on repeat. We just wish it was a bit longer to enjoy it more. Audrie is quite good at low-key slow-burn R&B, and once again she proves that she’s one of the names to keep an eye on. 

We can clearly see that Audrie is inspired by artists like SZA and Summer Walker. She even credits the artists in her debut single “Ring” as having served as artistic inspiration.

Audrie was born into the inspiration of a nomadic 17 year old mother. So she started growing up by the oceans of Hawaii and the Bahamas, where her mother sang to her so much that Audrie learned to hum and sing before she could even talk. 

Watch the music video below: