Mariah The Scientist Drops a New EP ‘Buckles Laboratories Presents: The Intermission’ 

Mariah The Scientist is back! She released her latest four-track EP titled ‘Buckles Laboratories Presents: The Intermission’. 

The EP starts with ‘Church’, a beautiful track that talks about being in love. The second track is ‘Only Human’, which is basically an apology from Mariah to her partner for all the mistakes she has made. ‘Only Human’ is followed by a powerful song, ‘Spread Thin’, and in this track Mariah confronts her partner for being selfish and dishonest.

The EP closes with the track ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, in which Mariah confesses that she still loves her man despite all his flaws. “I know you lie, but you know I’d still die for you”, sings Mariah. 

The Atlanta R&B singer showcases her ability to write powerful lyrics that perfectly describe complicated and tender modern love stories.  

Listen to the EP below: