Normani and Sam Smith Face Lawsuit Over ‘Dancing With a Stranger’

Normani and Sam Smith are being accused of song theft over their hit ‘Dancing With a Stranger’. 

Songwriters Jordan Vincent, Christopher Miranda and Rosco Banlaoi have filed a suit against the stars, accusing them of stealing their 2015 track with the same title ‘Dancing With a Stranger’. According to them, not only the music is very similar but also the music video seems highly alike as well.

The songwriters wrote: “The hook/chorus in both songs—the most significant part and artistic aspect of these works—contains the lyrics ‘dancing with a stranger’ being sung over a nearly identical melody and musical composition. In both songs, the title, hook, chorus, lyrics, and musical composition are all the same—and are repeated throughout the song giving both songs their identities.”

‘Dancing With a Stranger’ that was released in 2019 and is one of Sam Smith’s top-charting hits. It is part of their third studio album ‘Love Goes’.