Eloise Viola Returns With a Powerful New Song ‘Begging’

London based Pop/ R&B singer, Eloise Viola returns with a new gem called ‘Begging’. 

‘Begging’ is a lively ballad with smooth R&B beats fused with certain orchestral elements, and equipped with Eloise’s powerful vocals. The song provides you with immense energy and it leaves you feeling empowered and confident. 

This powerful ballad addresses certain issues of double standards against women and how they’re treated in positions of power. 

It’s important to note that Eloise speaks out about issues like mental health, body positivity and self-love. Previously, the singer expressed “writing songs about self-love to empower others has always been my way of reminding myself of how far I have come, and how important it is to stay positive. I want people to hear my lyrics and realise how they can apply these lyrics to their own lives; change their thinking to positive mantras of self-love. So when they see images that make them question their self-worth, they say ‘she looks great, but I do too.’ To have the confidence to say, “I’ve had a hard week, what I am going through is tough, but I am tougher!’.” 

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Listen to ‘Begging’ below: