John Legend Joins the NFT Wave and Launches a Music and NFT Platform

American singer and songwriter John Legend is joining the NFT wave by starting a Music and NFT platform. On this project, Legend is teaming up with Kevin Lin (co-founder of Twitch); Matt Cheng (founder of Cherubic Ventures); and Christ Lin (CEO of KKBOX).

The platform called “OurSong” will allow artists to monetize their works as NFTs. And unlike other NFT platforms, “OurSong” won’t require users to have a crypto wallet. 

The multi-Grammy Award winning artist will serve as the chief impact officer to attract artists and their fans to join the platform. “I’ve always been so focused on music and I still think of music as, far and away, my first love and my first job and the thing I spent most of my mental energy thinking about,” said Legend.