Feel Alive With Saïna’s New Single “Alive”

After debuting her first single “Wrong Love” a year ago, North West London based artist Saïna comes back with her second single “Alive”. 

“Alive” is a beautiful fusion of afro-pop and R&B. The song is fueled by Saïna’s delicate and mesmerizing voice, and it will definitely make you feel alive. The lyrics are written by Saïna herself and the track is produced by OJAY beats. 

Along with afro-pop and R&B, Saïna also blends different elements of hip hop, jazz and neo-soul in her style. Previously, the London based singer-songwriter has also expressed how she incorporates part of her Japanese culture in her music as well. Moreover, Saïna is highly inspired by the works of the Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi.