Embrace Self-Love with AHSIA’s ‘Soul N Me’

Start your day with a little sparkle of positivity and a lot of self-love! 

Canadian singer AHSIA comes through with a fresh and soulful single ‘Soul N Me’. 

This self-love anthem is your daily reminder that you need to be there for yourself, believe in yourself, embrace who you are and more importantly appreciate yourself. The rising soul and R&B singer states: “The concept of this song articulates the authenticity of being a best friend to yourself, embracing solitude, and growing into your individuality as a whole. It’s about evolving into your confidence and overall self-love & appreciation.”

‘Soul N Me’ mixes elements of soul, jazz and R&B. AHSIA’s mellifluous vocals will leave you at ease throughout the song and even afterwards. 

The one message that the Vancouver based artist wants you to know is “to remember to root for yourself!”. And she successfully delivered that with her heartfelt track. 

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Listen to ‘Soul N Me’ below: