Elaine Kristal Drops a Sensual New Song ‘Nasty In The Morning’

3 minutes of beautiful R&B music. Elaine Kritsal’s latest release ‘Nasty In The Morning’ will get you feeling all sorts of things. You might want to add this song to your “Bedroom Playlist”.

The song starts with a distorted guitar tune, a heavy bass drop, and the romantic R&B vibes kick in. Elaine’s soft vocals harmonize with the passionate lyrics. Overall, a sensual piece with tender expression. ‘Nasty In The Morning’ brings out Elaine’s sensual individuality and charismatic identity. 

Elaine Kristal is a soulful singer and songwriter from Staten Island, NY.  She started singing from an early age, participating in school plays. Lately she has been performing live at popular venues in New York city. Elaine is inspired by the likes of Alicia Keys and her music is a fusion of R&B and modern bounce music. 

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Listen to ‘Nasty In The Morning’ below: