Premiere: Vibe To Mayia’s Playful & Romantic New Single “Losing It On You”

Singer-songwriter Mayia starts-off 2022 with a powerful release, the energetic single, “Losing It On You.” This infinitely positive song is packed with exquisitely uplifting vibe as Mayia brings her talent to fruition while hypnotically singing “Tell me what I need to do to have you for a lifetime or two… euphoria in my body….wherever you go I’ll be there.”

An inspiring declaration of love from Mayia to her chosen one, “Losing It On You” offers a sophisticated mixture of pop and r&b, with the perfect addition of electronic textures sprinkled here and there. 

The artist is known for her jaw dropping versatility, especially when merging various genres into her own soundtracks, often adding jazzy textures to her productions. 

As Mayia shares her experience of falling in love, listeners will appreciate the atmosphere created by the song, a secret formula in which profoundness and a modern songwriting blend-in to perfection. Mayia’s natural and magnetic aura and the dose of sensuality she injects in this song have brought to life a true banger destined to spark the smiles of anyone who comes across it. 

Mayia follows-up to her latest release, the single “Nobody,” a vibrant song with distinct jazzy arrangements, often compared to Alicia Keys’ “Fallin’.” 

This past year, Mayia has debuted a promising career in music, and for the first time, she has shared her determination to create her own lane fueled by her unique musical language. Her subtly crafted narratives and music reflect her true and deepest emotions, thoughts and worldviews, often empowering young women to stand up for themselves and know their true power. 

With two singles under her belt, the hypnotic “Temporary,” and “Nobody,” and a third one “Losing It On You,” out on all major platforms, Mayia is rapidly making her moves in the game, each time displaying her talent, passion and astonishingly beautiful creativity in a new light. 

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