MELo V Blazes “Godie”

MELo V is out with a new stunning single called “Godie” that premiered on the artist’s birthday, JAnuary 12th. The song features exceptional music arrangement that allows the lyrics to pop like no other. MELo V’s beautiful, melodic vocals are on full display in “Godie” that is set to spark mass appreciation for the talented singer and his art.

MELo V is an R&B and Hip-Hop singer-songwriter and producer from Elizabeth, NJ. His first LP, “Plan A” released in 2014 delivering the popular single, “Killin’ Dat Thing” which was featured on WorldStar HipHop and mainstream radio in New York and North Carolina. In 2016 he performed in front of an audience of 85,000 at the “Oakland Coliseum Supercity Summer Fest”, alongside EDM superstar, Skrillex & Jersey Club King, DJ Sliink. 

Melo V is on Spotify