Khamari Drops a Rich and Soulful New Song “Doctor, My Eyes”

After grabbing the attention of R&B lovers with “Jealous”, rising artist Khamari dropped his newest soulful track “Doctor, My Eyes”.

The track kicks off with an acoustic guitar plucking a melodic tune, while Khamari questions “ain’t these supposed to be my glory days?” The song refers to one’s young years, as you try to find yourself, keep up with everything happening in your life, and how overwhelming that can get. In his press release Khamari mentioned: “When I wrote it, I had moved from Boston to L.A. and was trying to make sense of my life… A lot of things were shifting too fast to keep up with, but things I hoped would change stayed the same.”

Moreover, Khamari’s smooth voice and raw emotions will get you in your feels.

Khamari also released the visuals for “Doctor, My Eyes” on January 10. The Music video was directed by MOM and it depicts the song perfectly. 

Khamari is a singer, songwriter and producer based in L.A. He Kicked off his singing career with his debut single “Jealous” in June 2020. After that, Khamari released his first EP ‘Eldorado’ which includes hits like “That Girl” and “Demons”. Recently, the multi-talented R&B singer had his first show at the Day N Night Festival in Vegas in November.

Watch the music video below: