Singer-Songwriter Raquel Kiaraa’s New Single “Scorpio” (Stripped) Is An Intimate Invitation Into Her Sonic & Emotional Worlds

Through the lens of a failed romance with a Scorpion man who crushed her heart and manipulated her emotionally, Raquel Kiaraa reclaims her power by realizing the trap set before her in her new single “Scorpio,” released with visuals. Instead of blaming the other, she takes ownership over her heart’s decisions, weaving together a story of love’s deception that humanly connects with us all. 

Raquel Kiaraa has been in high-demand this past year, with the world’s most prestigious music press praising her works including Billboard, Wonderland Magazine, Exclaim and many more. 

The modern-day chanteuse, actress, coach and singer-songwriter recently released her latest music video for the song “Scorpio,”  from her new album Defying Odds. The album lists 11 magnificent songs, including “Love Got Me Sick,” and “We Know.”  

In “Scorpio,” Raquel can be seen delivering a moving performance, both visually and sonically. “Scorpio” is most certainly the song in which Raquel Kiaraa’s vocals are performed in the most touching and profound manner, with fans now expecting the artist to show more of this magnetic facet of her singing. 

Modern and incredibly fresh, Raquel Kiaraa will touch the lives of countless people with this beautiful song holding the power to heal all souls it will pass through.