Artist Spotlight: aku Returns With The Beautiful Track “Star and Moon”

Long Island, NY-based American artist aku returns with a beautiful track titled “Star and Moon.” Starting off with a smooth guitar line, “Star and Moon” sets the tone right away, inviting listeners to a deep dive within the complex contrasts that exist within most romantic experiences. Pop, rap and even flamenco or spanish-inspired vibes are merged into each other with rare mastery in aku’s new single while the fast-rising artist develops a narrative where life’s dichotomy is beautifully translated as announced through the title; “Star and Moon.” 

Always a step ahead of his time, aku is a pioneer of experimental urban music, always striving to harmonize and bring together styles that, at first glance, seem to have nothing in common. But everytime, the miracle happens, and seemingly far apart genres are fused in total synchronicity to produce an extraordinary listening experience. 

“Star and Moon” follows-up to “I Don’t Have A Gun” and his most popular joint to date, the over 300K streamed music video “rose gold in paris town,” a song that was also playlisted by many curators.  

In “Star and moon,” aku takes the risk to unveil his most profound struggle with relationships, taking us through all stages of this failed romance with his signature urban poetry. 

The versatile human being is also an actor and a model who has made an appearance in Vogue Magazine. aku has music flowing in his veins, and a particularly strong adept of creating a hybrid kind of urban sounds, who has become a master at blending in a spectacular and innovative fashion the realms of pop, rock and hip-hop into his very own sonic universe. 

Each new track by aku sets the bar even higher than the previous one, while he confidently continues his rapid ascension into the music world, with more and more fans following his works by the day.