Premiere | Jake Oulton Exceeds All Expectations Dropping A Lustrous EP 11:11 Full Of Reflections

Canadian artist Jake Oulton is out with a spectacular debut EP 11:11. Home to six exquisite songs, the EP is a retrospective look at the artist’s innermost thoughts and feelings, expressed through the medium of timeless music. This EP will blaze a trail that will continue to garner huge amounts of attention in the years to come.

Jake Oulton released “Life On The Highway” earlier this year, stunning crowds with such thoughtful insights turned into pure poetry. The song counts tens of thousands of streams, establishing the artist’s fanbase. “Rodeo” came next, exposing Jake Oulton’s more positive, playful side. It features flirty lyrics and a vibrant musical score accompanied by gorgeous Canadian landscapes in the music video. 

The latest tease of the EP was “Until The End”, a serious and emotional song that incorporates the most beautiful elements of hip hop, country, r&b and even has some classical impressionist melodies. Another great track from the EP is “Owning Who I Am”; its stirring melody juxtaposes the most original tunes while the rapping and the chorus are just flawless. 

Jake Oulton has been on the rise throughout the past year, releasing hit after hit. His hard working nature and diligence he learnt growing up on a farm have brought him great successes so far. In each of his songs Jake Oulton distills his most sincere emotions, relatable life stories that his audience loves. His debut EP 11:11 will set him aside as an authentic and dedicated artist.  

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