Holiday Anthem “This Christmas” By Prolific Artist Vincent Poag Brings Back The Joy Of The Season

For those who enjoy a thoughtful Christmas song, discover Vincent Poag’s “This Christmas” which will bring you into the present moment and cultivate new appreciation for the holiday. The song has millions of views and streams; and, straying far from the mainstream jingles, it focuses on things people can often forget. The message is crystal clear — spread love, forget our differences, make amends. “This Christmas let’s be friends,” he says in a positive tone, empowering people to do just that.

Vincent Poag’s “This Christmas” takes an in depth look at everything Christmas should be in a brutally honest way that makes the listener stop and think. It opens with a stirring piano melody that immediately sets the tone. Vincent Poag begins to sing in his comforting, uplifting voice, addressing the whole world in his joyously simple yet profound lyrics. Make life more peaceful, be humble, and give forgiveness — Vincent urges people to see what really matters before it is too late.

The music score is absolutely stunning, the melancholic piano slowly growing into a full blown orchestral arrangement and rising like a tide along with the lyrical culmination. It subsides just to drift back into the smooth piano sound and fades with Vincent’s final lyrics. Vincent Poag steps away from the corny Christmas bells and the happy-sounding music, allowing for more authenticity and connection with the audience.

Vincent Poag is a New York based artist with extensive history in music production. His latest album Masquerade is a collection of the singer’s innermost thoughts and feelings, communicated through an artistic medium. With hundreds upon thousands of streams, Vincent Poag’s music speaks to his audience effortlessly, teaching us all to be better human beings. 

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