Kanye Wants To End His Beef With Drake

On Monday, J Prince shared a video on twitter where Kanye addressed Drake saying he wants to put an end to their feud. 

In the video, Kanye says “both me and Drake have taken shots at each other and it’s time to put it to rest. He later proceeds by inviting Drake to perform with him on stage at his event in December. 

Ye took this step in response to a message that he had received from Larry Hoover. Hoover is the co-founder of Chicago’s Gangster Disciples gang, who is currently in prison in colorado. West has mentioned Hoover is his latest album Donda. 

Ye said, “I’m asking Drake on December 7 to join me on stage as a special guest to share the two biggest albums of the year live in Los Angeles with the ultimate purpose being to free Larry Hoover”.