Giveon Kicks Off A New Era In His Career With ‘For Tonight’

You’ve probably first heard of Giveon’s name when he featured Drake in ‘Chicago Freestyle’. Not long after that, he released several singles that reached top Billboard charts, including his hit track ‘Heartbreak Anniversary’. 

The American R&B singer and songwriter is also known for his collaboration with Justin Bieber on the latter’s hit ‘Peaches’. However, Giveon has been proving that he is more than just a feature artist. After the success of ‘Heartbreak Anniversary’, a few weeks ago, Giveon dropped ‘For Tonight’ – an emotional ballad. The song once more proves the vocal and genre range of the soulful R&B singer. Giveon has been showing off his skills in R&B, Soul, Neo-Soul and even Pop, always leaving his unique trademark in all the projects that he takes part of.  In addition, the song is said to appear in Giveon’s upcoming album that is set to be released at the end of this year. 

Giveon will kick off his Timeless Tour on the 28th of November, set to take place in 14 cities starting from Detroit. The tour tickets were sold out in minutes after the tickets went up for sale. While a lot of fans were glad to book tickets to see their favorite artists, a lot of other fans were disappointed that they weren’t able to do so.