Gigi Hadid Is Discussing Custody Issues With Her Lawyers

After their recent split, Gigi Hadid is reportedly discussing the custody issues with her lawyers. The 26 year old model is trying her best to co-parent her daughter Khai with Zayn. In recent interviews, Gigi made it clear that Khai needs her dad despite the recent separation. 

The couple split after recent claims that Zayn ‘struck’ Gigi’s mother, Yolanda Hadid, after the latter let herself into the couple’s home uninvited and without Zayn’s consent. After which, Malik was charged with four counts of harassment. The singer made a statement on his social media denying the claims that he struck Yolanda.

After court’s rule, Zayn Malik is on probation and he is banned from having contact with Gigi and Yolanda. Also, he is required to complete an anger management class and a domestic violence program.