Adele Makes A Comeback With ‘Easy On Me’

Just as she promised last week, Adele finally released ‘Easy On Me’ that was very much anticipated by fans and music lovers all over the world. Adele, also dropped the music video of ‘Easy On Me’, and it already has more that 20 million views after 12 hours from premiering. Moreover, the music video is currently number two in trending music on YouTube. 

The powerful ballad ‘Easy On Me’ comes after six years since Adele last released music. With this single, she also announced her upcoming album ’30’, set to be released next month. Just like her previous album titles, this one as well signifies a specific age in Adele’s life. 33 years old Adele first started working on her new album when she was 30, thus the name of the album. Adele had mentioned that her new album is her attempt to explain the divorce to her son.

Diving into the lyrics of ‘Easy On Me’, Adele describes her relationship as she directs her words to her ex-husband. She asks him to be more understanding of her situation and that she did everything she could, but she hints that it wasn’t her fault – “I changed who I was, to put you both first”.