Luxury Carpet Studio produces fine custom carpets and rugs for superyachts and more…

Luxury Carpet Studio produces fine custom carpets and rugs for superyachts as well as retail, hospitality and residential markets. Headquartered in Milan, the company has two branches in Dubai and Hong Kong where its regional sales office and factory are located.


Each carpet creation is customized for its unique setting – whether indoors or outdoors. The company relies on the fine craftmanship of ancient techniques handed down from generations, working with intricate skills such as carving and embossing.


Luxury Carpet Studio takes a project from concept to design to completion, working with color, shape, material and patterns. The company can create unique carpets and rugs, with myriad types of material: wool, natural silk, viscose, bamboo, banana, natural and artificial cotton, twisted yarns, and specially spun yarns and blends. The forms created are often sculptural, featuring geometrical shapes, floral patterns, and abstract patterns.


Working for over 10 years across all sectors, from boutiques, showrooms, private jets, hotels, restaurants, and residential to luxury cruise ships and superyachts, Luxury Carpet has gained a 360° expertise. Well versed across its various markets, Luxury Carpet Studio’s team members can guide architects and designers in choosing the best carpet and the best weaving for specific projects. Different types of carpets are necessary for different spaces. For instance, if carpets or rugs are to be used in outdoor areas, they need to be suitable ones—highly technical and 100% resistant to mold and bacteria.​ This is especially important for areas that include saunas, swimming pools, terraces, and sundecks. Luxury Carpet can advise on the best carpets to suit any form, function and aesthetic parameters—anywhere.