Engineering Enabling Design SEE, is a stunning new 212-foot/64.5 meter E-hybrid superyacht concept, designed by Gill Schmid Design in collaboration with Lateral Naval Architects

SEE based on the groundbreaking E-hybrid system naval architecture by Lateral, employs batteries as the primary source of onboard power. Diesel engines are provided for battery recharging only, and the system enables diesel generators to be selected purely because of efficiency and optimum energy density. This brings advantages to overall architecture efficiency, flexibility of layout, noise and vibration, maintenance, and operational effectiveness of the vessel as a whole.


SEE, a next generation in yachting, looks toward the electrification, compact single deck engine room via flexible engineering approach, where the design and layout of this vessel reflect today’s new sense of lifestyle, state of mind, luxury, and innovation.

SEE-ing places is the new luxury, travelling with family and friends, see-ing the world, making memories, and sharing adventures. Travel lite and enjoy life. SEE facilitates all of this with spacious pool and spa suites for family, friends and guests, extensive pool and deck spaces, and a vast array of tenders and toys. SEE is more casual than your conventional yacht, with open plan living, flexibility in use, and convertible spaces. Think Transformers in an architectural context. Innovative openable envelopes enable the vessel to transform from a sequence of separate spaces to a completely open and porous environment of experiences.


Minimal, but multi-functional, multi-faceted, whilst relaxed and full of the joys of being on the water. SEE offers a laid-back atmosphere with casual dining, living and entertainment spaces. You will not find a formal saloon or dining space or a complete separation between guests and crew, but instead, an open concept kitchen with communal/ chefs tables, a lounge/ movement space with hydroponics and water features or a lounge space/ cinema with a large retractable glass element transforming the entire space into an expansive oceanfront terrace.

Today, more and more, ‘luxury’ has become defined by the non-material. Luxury comes from freedom—the luxury of experiences. Live-in-the-moment. Share it with those closest to you, to experience the most remote and beautiful areas of the planet, each with unique cultures and ecologies. SEE blue skies and experience cooling winds in the Caribbean, go diving in the Indian Ocean, watch the Monaco Grand Prix, explore ancient cultures in Greece, swim with dolphins, meditate next to the water or support marine-science expeditions.


Our chaotic lives often negate slow motion. When do we ever remove ourselves from modern day life and routines, or re-focus our attention? During a journey on a yacht like SEE, one can turn one’s attention to sounds, smells, changing light and the motion of the sea. SEE features direct access to the water, unexpected views, skylights, convertible indoor-outdoor spaces, endless deck space, numerous tenders, and toys to explore the environment and spacious private guest and owner quarters to retreat. The design is based on a sense of like-minded community of family or friends who want to enjoy the journey and experience nature and the environment in a laid-back atmosphere – the luxury of experience.


Exercise, meditate, practice your daily yoga flow next to the ocean with a glass bottom pool above, relax in the spa with infinity pools or in a lounger at water level, detox in a sauna/ steam room, take in a massage, hit the gym for your HIIT, or some cardio with a swim in the ocean afterwards, swim your laps in the large outdoor pool, tend to sore muscles in the jacuzzi or recline in private lounge pools.


SEE offers a kitchen with communal dining and chefs’ tables with possibilities such as  cooking classes and ‘farm to table’ utilizing the hydroponic tanks on the pool and tank deck, a fermentation chamber, a mushroom lab, the sushi counter offering the catch of the day, a juice, coffee & dessert bar with healthy grab and go meals, dining experiences showcasing locally sourced tasting menus, and an outdoor BBQ and cocktail bar or a deli and raw food counter. Food as a part of the holistic lifestyle on board.

SEE is the for the discerning yacht owner/s who want to experience all of this, and more. The vessels length enables unrestricted access to any waters, but whose adaptable spaces allows her to perform comparable to much larger yachts.


  • 1 (Full) Owner Suite with Extensive Private Outdoor Deck
  • 6 Guest Suites
  • 17 Crew
  • Exterior & Interior Design: Gill Schmid Design
  • Naval Architecture & Engineering: Lateral Naval Architects
  • Length Overall 212ft/64.5 m
  • Beam 41ft/ 12.2 m
  • Draft (Full Load) 3.65 m
  • Gross Tonnage 1670
  • Performance Speed 16.0 knots
  • Extended Cruise 12.0 knots
  • Silent Cruise 10.0 knots
  • Range 3750 Nm
  • Main Propulsion Battery Pack 3600 kW/h
  • Generator Package 3 x 880ekW
  • Guest Anchor Silent Mode 6-8 hours
  • Silent Cruise Mode 3 hours
  • Battery Bank Charge Time 2 hours
  • Extensive Beach Club/ Gym/ Yoga Studio
  • Large Tender Garage
  • Full Spa With 2 Infinity Pools, Sauna, Massage Loungers @ Waterline
  • 4 Spa Guest Suites
  • Large Glass Guest Stair and Lift with Dome Skylight
  • Large Pool Deck with Downstream Pool and Jacuzzi
  • Outdoor Pool Lounge with Direct Spa Access and Views
  • 2 Pool Guest Suites
  • Galley/ Showkitchen
  • Formal Dining with Dining Guest Lounge, Both with Fully Retractable Doors
  • Alfresco Dining
  • 2 Lounge Pools with Firepit
  • Sky Cinema with Overhead Projection as Well as 3d Outdoor Cinema Screen
  • Owner Deck with Full Walkaround Owner Deck Including a Jacuzzi