The new Mangusta Oceano 44—a glass villa afloat— features two infinity swimming pools

The new, Mangusta Oceano 44 developed jointly by the Group's Engineering department and designer Alberto Mancini, who designed both her exterior and interior, this ultra-modern sea loft is a perfect blend of glass, charm and audacity.


The new 144-foot three-decker, conceived as “the spiritual successor” to Mangusta Oceano 43, is a sea loft of global floating architecture offering her guests the utmost comfort. One focal point in the definition of this new model was that all areas should be seamlessly connected, a goal that was achieved through a series of side and crosswise sliding doors.

The beach club is conceived to be the very heart of social life, once the transom is opened and the side terraces are unfolded, it becomes a 180° marine environment brightened by the natural light that filters through the side openings and the partially glazed upper deck.


The various relaxation areas include two infinity pools located on the sun and main decks. The first, on the main deck, is called “The Island”: it is a sunbathing area “embraced by water.” The second is on the spacious 1120 sqft/104 sqm sun deck, from where guests can enjoy views over the ocean from dawn to sunset.


The interior of the Mangusta Oceano 44 reflects a contemporary minimalism, featuring lacquered surfaces, matte woods, marbles and leather. The master cabin, located on the main deck, is connected to the upper deck by the skylights created on the bottom of the infinity pool, which let natural light shine through and fill the cabin with water reflections. The cabin is also fitted with a mechanically-driven balcony, from which the Owner can enjoy his own private view of the ocean.


The salon on the upper deck has three large sliding doors, two of which are on the sides.

This yacht's layout is characterized by a harmonious design consistency between indoor and outdoor areas and thanks to an extensive use of glass. Steel handrails and bulwarks have been replaced by see-through glass surfaces mounted flush with teak.

The Mangusta Oceano 44 is a steel and aluminum yacht, featuring a streamlined and elegant profile and offering a range of 4,500 nautical miles, a maximum speed of 16 knots, and a cruising speed of 11 knots with comfort ensured by zero-speed and underway stabilizers.