A discerning owner, with a personal passion for music, makes his voice heard during the design and construction of the 203-foot (62-meter) CRN-built true custom yacht Voice

Voice, a 203-foot (62-meter) steel-and-aluminum yacht built by the Ancona-based shipyard, CRN, and designed in collaboration with the Venice-based studio Nuvolari Lenard, epitomizes what fully custom means for CRN.

Design Details

Voice was conceived, designed and built according to the precise brief given by a yacht-savvy client. CRN says that this owner was a very determined men, with precise ideas and a strong personality who wanted a yacht that was unique in all its aspects, that expressed beauty and majesty, was technologically advanced, comfortable and with very high performances.

Voice truly reflects the owner’s voice and distinctive personality. The design concept was to create ‘a powerful yacht with aerodynamic, fluid external lines’. There were over 40 meetings between CRN dedicated yacht project management team, the Owner and his team to perfect some details of the external lines of the yacht! The result is a yacht profile with unmistakable lines immediately recognisable “from a long way off”.


The owner also requested a particularly large swimming pool on the sun deck that can be enjoyed both at anchor and while cruising. He also stipulated many and varied and social areas located all around and throughout the yacht. Designing the interior took nearly twice as many meetings and go-arounds as the exterior. After 80-some meetings, all interior specifications and details were put in place. For example, the study of lighting was meticulously developed to ensure the highest level of customization so that in each environment it was possible to modulate the level of brightness not only according to the night/day scenarios but also in accordance with the music you are listening to. As the owner’s main passion is music, the audio system installed is tantamount to the performance level of a music studio.

Comfort at Sea

The owner specified very advanced levels of noise and vibration comfort levels approved by RINA and customized to extend the comfort class to crew members as well. In order to achieve a substantial sound reduction (about 55/60 decibels), in-depth studies were carried out, in particular on the partition bulkheads and on the dividing doors of the internal areas. Over 70 tons of insulating material were used, about twice as much as for a vessel of this size.


The level of Information Technology is also advanced to guarantee privacy and cyber security with standards certified by Lloyd's Register of Shipping.

High Performance with low carbon emissions

By contract, Voice was to reach a maximum cruising speed of 16 knots but the shipyard managed to bring the maximum speed to 16.5 with a range of 5500 miles.

As the owner is as concerned about the environment as CRN, Voice has obtained the IMO TIER III certification which guarantees a 70% reduction of harmful emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) contained in the exhaust gases of the engines.

Another fundamental feature and specific request was having a full AUT-UMS yacht, so that she can be totally governed by automation, without the continuous supervision of a chief engineer.


Italian craftsmanship

Italian Craftsmanship played a crucial role in the creation of Voice. As CRN has an in-house select group of craftspeople: master shipwrights, welders, engine mechanics, electricians, production mechanics, instrument mechanics, joiners, carpenters, cabinetmakers, painters, plasterers, marble-workers, upholsterers, decorators, who, with their know-how, are always primed to provide bespoke solutions.

CRN also boasts an in-house carpentry department — Zago (a subsidiary of the Ferretti Group) with over 110 years of history behind it and more than half a century of master cabinet makers know-how. These master craftspeople are a specialist all-Italian resource and their contribution brings a high level of minutely detailed customization.

CRN works also in collaboration with small and medium-sized enterprises. These specialists and local Italian craftspeople underpin the company’s long-term production continuity, working with total professionalism and flexibility.

About CRN

CRN is a custom shipbuilder that specializes in designing and building fully custom aluminium or steel/aluminium yachts from 45 meters and up.

Founded in 1963 in Ancona, Italy, the yard has always created yachts featuring cutting-edge solutions and functional innovation, representing Italian manufacturing at its very best. With well over half a century of success behind it.

CRN’s many assets include an impressive production yard in Ancona spanning 861,112+ sqft (80,000+ sqm), one of the largest in Europe. The multipurpose private marina vaunts 14 moorings for 82ft to 328ft (24m to 100m) yachts and dedicated state-of-the-art sheds with the latest-generation equipment for construction and refit projects alike.

The CRN fleet currently boasts more than 400 vessels in the water, including military and commercial ships as well as luxury yachts. A global beacon of excellence in Italian shipbuilding, CRN creates yachts conceived by the owner’s vision through the expertise of its own hands.