Two 263-foot/80-meter sisterships of M/Y Tatiana are moving full steam ahead.

The 263 series, built by Istanbul-based Bilgin Yachts —with naval architecture and exterior by Antalya-based Unique Yacht Design and H2 Yacht Design out of London for the interior living areas— is well along building hulls number 2 and 3.

The yachts offer accommodation for up to 16 guests. The owner’s deck has a large private suite, while there are four guest cabins on the main deck and three VIP cabins on the lower deck. The beach club stands out with its direct access from the main living room.

The Bilgin 263 series is eco-friendly. Tatiana and her sisterships have SCR systems connected to the main engines and generators. Thanks to this feature as well as the IMO TIER III compliance, Tatiana had earned. There is a special exhaust system that provides 100% clean air emissions.

Bilgin 263 III&II

While the performance and comfort in the living areas of hulls number 2 and 3 will stay the same, the second unit of the series— already sold— has a different interior design in terms of the use of colors and materials. The third unit of the series has more optimized hull and decks. Emrecan Özgün, CEO of Bilgin, describes her as follows: “This unit offers technical improvements such as a new ventilation system and an increased generator capacity, the third unit also promises 20% larger volume both in interior and exterior areas. She will have a different layout than her predecessors. The owner deck is located above the main deck for more privacy and the wheel house is located on the top deck for better bridge visibility, while the staircase located in the center of the hull is larger than the other units as well.”

The second hull of 263 series is planned to be launched in 2022 and following that, the third hull of the model will be delivered in 2023. Bilgin Yachts also have a 243-foot (74-meter) yacht planned to be delivered in 2023, while two 164-foot (50-meter) sisterships will be ready to splash the water in 2022.