Marsha Ambrosius Debuts “Casablanco,” Her First Album Since 2018


Grammy-nominated soul artist Marsha Ambrosius has just dropped her latest album, “Casablanco,” marking her first studio release since 2018. The album, comprising 11 tracks and executively produced by the renowned Dr. Dre, features recent hits like “One Night Stand” and “The Greatest.”

The collaboration began when Ambrosius worked with Dre on a few tracks. Shortly after, they decided to develop a full album. Ambrosius introduced the project early this year with “The Greatest,” which gained significant attention after being featured in ESPN’s Heisman Trophy promotions.

The subsequent release, “One Night Stand,” delivers a soulful narrative of a fleeting romantic encounter, set against a backdrop of rich, atmospheric sounds.

“Casablanco” is a blend of jazz, soul, and R&B, infused with a contemporary edge and a touch of big band and swing vibes, reflecting its title’s homage to classic yet modern musical styles. The album features prominent string sections and piano, highlighting Ambrosius’s impressive vocal prowess, control, and range. The authenticity of live instrumentation enhances the tracks.

One notable track, “Smoke,” starts with a smooth, sensual blend of vocals with piano and strings, then shifts into a spirited big-band style before embracing a more contemporary sound. In this song, Ambrosius explores the theme of advancing a relationship and facing its challenges head-on.

This release stands out as a unique piece, showcasing the breadth of Ambrosius’s vocal talents, distinct from mainstream radio offerings and showcasing her individuality in the music industry.

From her early days with the R&B duo Floetry to her solo ventures, Ambrosius has consistently engaged listeners with her powerful voice and poignant lyrics. Her singles like “Far Away,” “Run,” and “Late Nights & Early Mornings” have eloquently expressed the profound emotions of loss, love, and connection. Beyond her performances, she has also made significant contributions as a songwriter for artists such as Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Solange, and H.E.R.