“Slim of 112 Teams Up with Faith Evans and Eric Bellinger for New Track ‘Gotta Have Faith'”


Slim of 112, known for his captivating R&B stylings, has released a fresh track entitled “Gotta Have Faith”. This compelling new piece features the iconic Faith Evans and the versatile Eric Bellinger, creating a melodic blend that fans are sure to appreciate.

Slim, part of the renowned American R&B quartet 112, has been teasing this song on his social media platforms, building anticipation among fans and followers. By collaborating with the powerful vocals of Faith Evans and the harmonious stylings of Eric Bellinger, Slim infuses the song with an impressive fusion of sounds, creating an R&B masterpiece that resonates with the genre’s roots while pushing its boundaries.

The track “Gotta Have Faith” offers a soulful melody that encapsulates the raw emotions and themes of faith and resilience. Each artist delivers their unique musical interpretations, contributing to the overall richness and depth of the song. With Slim’s lyrical prowess, Faith Evans’ evocative vocals, and Eric Bellinger’s distinctive harmonies, this trio creates an immersive musical experience that echoes the essence of classic R&B while embracing contemporary elements.

On the heels of this release, Slim of 112 has left fans eagerly awaiting more collaborations and new music. As Slim continues to explore new musical landscapes and partnerships, his fans are guaranteed a continuous supply of unforgettable R&B hits.