“Lauren Spencer Smith’s ‘That Part’: An Insight into Her Upcoming Album ‘Mirror'”

Lauren Spencer

Lauren Spencer Smith, the talented Canadian singer-songwriter, has unveiled a new track titled “That Part” from her forthcoming debut album “Mirror” on May 25, 2023. The song represents a significant deviation from her well-known ‘sad’ brand as she delves into the exploration of love.

“That Part” is a collaborative writing effort by Lauren Spencer Smith, Geena Fontanella, Jakke Erixson, and Jake Torrey, and was produced by Nick Ruth and Jakke Erixson. Speaking about the song, Lauren said, “Love means so many different things to so many people… I hope this song shows you that you deserve to be loved deeply and by someone who treats you the way you deserve, even if that someone is yourself.”

Her album, “Mirror”, is slated for release on July 14, 2023, boasting 15 tracks and featuring collaborations with American singer-songwriters GAYLE and Em Beihold. The creation of this album has been an emotional journey for Lauren, who has used the process as an opportunity for self-healing and introspection.

Commenting on the album, she shared, “The amount of times I’ve cried on the bathroom floor to these songs is hard to process, but is part of my story, and that’s how I knew “Mirror” was the perfect name for this body of work… I hope this album helps even just one of you heal as much as it has helped me.” Through her debut album, Lauren Spencer Smith hopes to bring her listeners on a journey that mirrors her own experiences, encapsulating the highs and lows, and ultimately, the healing power of music.