Premiere | Peter Flaherty Drops His Stunning Sophomore Project Titled Like A Dog, Baby

Contemporary indie-folk artist Peter Flaherty announces his newest album, a collection that’s titled after one of its tracks “Like A Dog, Baby”. Flowing like a single composition, Flaherty’s second album seems to reflect on various themes including love, loyalty, hopefulness, and many more. The artist does a great job of creating layers upon layers of multiple genres and moods, while at the same time carrying through a certain sense of melancholy and transcendental sadness. 

There is profound emotion in “Horses And Tidal Wave”, which opens the collection to introspective thought, while “Ocean Blue” tells the story of how letting go can be such an uneasy experience just like “swimming the ocean blue”. Flaherty leverages his unique voice, singing out lyrics that come from the heart, and it’s a sight to behold! Like A Dog, Baby runs a little under an hour, making it the perfect companion for any kind of self-reflection or reminiscing. 

A poet at heart, Peter Flaherty fuses fascinating melodies, weaving them into a universe that is all his own, and of course, the listener’s. Working closely with producer Steven Clark, Flaherty released several singles in 2022, including “Ocean Blue”, “Validated”, and “Two Seconds”, which found home in the artist’s new collection. Simplistic at first glance, the guitar and vocals combination is so refreshing in contrast with everything else in the music industry, and we hope to see more of Flaherty’s sincere and vibe-driven music!