Zenesoul Drops New EP Titled “Nene”

Zenesoul, a Juno-nominated Canadian-Nigerian R&B/soul singer and composer, has recently released her brand-new EP, “Nene.” The musician uses her Soul melodies and influences from her Nigerian heritage to create a distinctive Afrosoul sound. This follows her winning the R&B/Soul Recording of the Year award at the Junos in 2022 for the song “Love and Be Loved.”

Zenesoul spoke of her affection for her Nigerian ancestry and how it affected her project:

“This EP is my way of fusing my African roots and my North American upbringing. I’ve been working on this for a while and wanted to make sure I was genuine with the sound.”

Regarding the source of inspiration for “Nene,” Zenesoul continues:

“I love writing and this project allowed me to challenge myself and to see what I could create by combining my idea of soul and afrobeats into one. I’m excited about this sound and although I will always continue to be an R&B artist it’s amazing how I can expand in this way.”