Six Brutal Truths About Happiness

A lot of people chase happiness, but let’s be frank, most often it’s not attainable. So should we keep on chasing happiness? Or should we find alternative ways to deal with our unhappiness and seek to find peace instead?

So, here are some brutal truths about happiness, that deep down we all know but have a hard time accepting it.

  1. Material possessions won’t make you happy. 
  2. You can’t make everyone happy. You will often lose yourself, while trying to make others happy. 
  3. Being perfect won’t make you happy. Instead, pursue being a better version of yourself. 
  4. Achievements and success are important. However, precious memories will make you happier and that’s what you’ll remember on your deathbed. 
  5. Seek happiness within yourself. The more you try to find happiness in the outside world, the more likely you are to fail. 
  6. Happiness is not what you experience, it’s what you remember.