Three Calming Techniques to Overcome Anxiety and Fear

275 million people around the world suffer from anxiety disorders. It is very common especially among teens and more prevalent in women. So what is an anxiety disorder? 

An anxiety disorder is a mental health condition. People with anxiety disorder respond to certain situations with fear and worry. We can say that anxiety is the fear of the unknown. The fear of what people might think of you. The fear of what could go wrong…

Certain situations in life trigger our anxiety disorders. If you’re in an anxious state of mind, we’ve gathered three calming techniques to ease up your mind. 

1- Tune into your Breath. Anxiety causes your mind to drift from the present. And Focusing on our breathing brings you back to the present moment.

In order to do this, you need to close your eyes and relax your muscles. You should take ten deep breaths, counting from one to ten, focusing only on your breath. 

2- Pay attention to and shift your thoughts. The simple fix to feeling anxious is to shift your thoughts. Focus on the good. Focus on what could go right and always remind yourself that everything will be fine. 

3- Visualize things working out for the best. Often, we are nervous about something because we visualize what can go wrong. What you can do is close your eyes and envision the situation working out exactly how you want it to. 

Our thoughts not only control how we feel but also they create our reality.