How to Spot a Narcissist

In recent years we have all been bombarded with messages from pop culture screaming at us “Love yourself!” And, of course, you should love yourself. But what about those of us who only love ourselves? Narcissism, contrary to what many people think, is a mental disorder, and as such it can be treated. Here is how you can spot a narcissist through their behavior.

Exaggerated sense of self-importance

A narcissist believes they are better than everyone else and they are too good to do ordinary things like work or study. A lot of times narcissists make a perfect impression on a first date because all they do is talk about themselves and their awesome achievements. Beware — they might be just lying.

Needing validation/praise all the time

Typically egotistical, a narcissist constantly needs affirmation of their worth. You gotta feed that ego, after all.

Exploiting others

Without the slightest shade of guilt, a narcissist will exploit your time, energy, efforts, and money. Perhaps, this is done on a subconscious level but it still does a lot of damage to the other person. 

Intimidating, bullying, or belittling someone

Sometimes narcissists will use this technique as a mechanism to make themselves feel better, more superior in comparison. 

Narcissism is a complex disorder which should be dealt with through a mental health professional. Of course, there are millions of ways a narcissist can behave besides what we had compiled here. This guide can also be used as pointers to consider in our own behavior because none of us is exempt from being a little self-centered at times.