A Major Red Flag In Relationships

A red flag in relationships, is a behaviour you notice in your significant other, that’s an indication of a bigger problem.

Ref flags are not only things that are done by an individual but also the things that they don’t do. That’s why, sometimes it gets difficult to notice them. 

Of course, not all flags are to the same extent. There are certain behaviours that are more severe and worrying than others, which often leads to major problems later on in a relationship. So, better to keep an eye out from the beginning on such behaviours.

Of course, any form of abuse is the biggest red flag in a relationship. When talking about abuse, people often think abuse can be only physical. However, abuse can take many forms: physical, mental and emotional. Often, people have a hard time spotting psychological abuse. This kind of abuse can be in many forms. For example: name calling, using derogatory terms, shaming the significant other publicly and making fun of them, belittling their accomplishments, and putting down their interests.