Graphic Design Trends To Look Out For

With so many massive developments in the world of design, sometimes it can be hard to keep up. From old favorites like muted color palettes, serif fonts, and simple data to clear-cut visualizations, the graphic design field is truly undergoing a makeover.

Anything that has to do with design should invoke emotions, feelings, and much more.

Check out some of the most prominent graphic design trends below.

Abstract Psychedelia

Psychedelia derives its roots from the music and art scene of the 60s—a time where hallucinogens were the main source of creative experimentation. It is the opening of one’s eye and mind, to an unimaginative idea.

The turbulent symbolism of psychedelia promotes creative freedom and the sense of liberty that no longer confines designers.

Symbol Revival

Small means big, and that is true in the design industry.

Historically, symbols have been all the rave through different shapes, forms, styles, and eras. The influence of traditional symbols sprawls in their capacity to transform language through imagery. Designers have brought this power back to build ambitious icons of flexibility, maturity, and empowerment.

Retro Futurism

Retro futurism is sci-fi dreams come true. It matures off through the charm of the bygone era, which is engaging in dramatic ways.

Retro futurism is a visual technique that has predominated the imagery through bold vision. The concept revolves around human progress. It matures with all future possibilities, such as the scary grey alien in flying saucers, flying cars, and more. It portrays imagery that is no match for our scientific imagination.