Best Architecture Apps To Use Now

Technology has reconstructed architecture in a way words cannot describe. Whether you are a student, in an architectural office, or working from home, architecture apps have transformed the game for all enthusiasts.

They have smoothed out the design work system, facilitated easy collaboration with clients and colleagues, and reduced dull paperwork. However, with all these advantages aside, picking the appropriate technology that perfectly suits your business is easier said than done.

Below you will find the intriguing architecture apps available for any use.


Ideal use: Conceptual home designs, floor plans, home decor, photorealistic 3D renderings, and design proposals.

Cedreo grants 3D home design software that enables builders, architects, and designers to produce drawings and complete design proposals in a much quicker time. The platform also assists users to reduce the sales cycle and increase close rates, using 3D renderings that ease imaginative design ideas and build connections with potential buyers.


Ideal use: Architectural sketching and design.

Sketchup is a 3D CAD program that has been present and rising for quite some time now. It is primarily utilized by architects, interior designers, and landscape designers. It is famous for its simple and natural design tools. Users can practice flyovers and walkthroughs to lead clients through architectural drawings.

Morpholio Trace Pro

Ideal use: Sketching, CAD, and interactive displays.

Morpholio Trace Pro is a sketching and drawing app specifically designed for architects. The app allows users to draw on top of maps, photos, images, and other documents. Users can cooperate with in-app markup tools, and improve hand drawing with AR and VR.