​​Stomach Growling Songs About Soul Food

The music world is constantly evolving with new artists and sounds popping out left and right. However, nothing beats a good soul food-inspired track to get your stomach going.

Below we have listed a rather interesting collection of soul food-excited, appetite rousing, hunger infused songs.

“Mom’s Apple Pie” By Tyrone Davis

Year: 1991

This truly sweet song takes you back to the 1980s glam-rock hit “Cherry Pie.” Davis matches his love for the best-known American dessert as a delicacy longing to his childhood.

“Pass the Peas” By The J.B.’s

Year: 1972

An ode to the greens in every dish, The J.B.’s truly delivered a mouth-watering tune for all cookouts.

“Soul Food” By Goodie Mob

Year: 1995

You can’t quite get a better song name than “Soul Food.” This down-to-earth group from Georgia sprayed truth and creativity over their debut record. Throughout the verses, you can hear the rappers express their favorite meals.