Wind Wins! New propulsion possibilities abound, but wind has been used for centuries … Check out the all new innovative NERSUS Rig® for superyachts

Asia Superyacht Development ( ASD), a Singapore-based superyacht technology company, is partnering with Nersus Maritime of France for aiding in implementing the NERSUS Rig® technology to new superyacht projects around the globe.


While several propulsion and power-plant approaches are currently being explored by the marine industry, most resulting in some form of hybrid system aggregating 2, 3 or more technologies and energy sources: hydrogen, diesel-electric, ammonia, LNG can each provide -part of- an answer to specific needs. Each technology has its own merits.

Then there is wind. We know that wind works. Wind was used for centuries and powered trade sea-routes until the union of coal and steam, and then heavy fuels pushed wind-powered vessels out of commercial shipping.


Knowing that superyachts are getting and bigger and that the segment over 70 meters is the fastest growing, it begets the question: which sail technology is really going to power the vessels of the future and possibly bring the sail yacht segment at the forefront of the industry especially for the real ocean-cruising yacht segment.


Designed for superyachts and commercial vessels, the NERSUS Rig® combines a 360° rotating free-standing wing-mast, a 35° camber adjustment balestron— a sail plan involving a boom that extends forward of the mast and is pivoted on it— which may be connected or disconnected to the wing-mast (Patented system by NERSUS).


The NERSUS Rig® 's wing-mast comes equipped with external and internal cameras, position sensors, wind speed & direction sensors from bottom to top, turbulence sensors, load and distortion sensors, all connected by optical fiber and monitored/controlled by computer.

Jacques Louvet, Founder of NERSUS SARL

Jacques Louvet, Founder of NERSUS SARL

On the aft of the wing-mast a mobile hinged leading edge flap accommodates the high profile furled soft main sail.

The NERSUS Rig® 's soft mainsail version 2 will be the double-skin soft wing-sails currently developed by the Americas Cup' teams for their new AC75.

Halyards operations, captive winches, hooks and other technical fittings will be located inside the wing-mast, for a total free ropes appearance.

The NERSUS Rig® is an active part of the global hybrid propulsion of the vessel built around it.

Its profile efficiency, technical specification and facility of operation offer naval architects and designers creative possibilities and solutions for their projects. A subtle blend of spirit, functions and simplicity.

NERSUS Rig® keys points

  • Reduces the height of the masts by adding more efficiency in the sail performances.
  • Gives the possibility to big vessels to comply with PANAMAX rules regarding bridges clearance with human sized systems and sails to operate.
  • Self-standing: removes the Marconi rig's over-sized standing/running rigging and reduces drastically the huge drag that these super-sized rigs and masts generate.
  • Simple and easy: a self-standing 360° rotating wing-mast and reasonable sails area controlled by hydraulics and computer, with possibility to be operated manually.
  • Minimizes mast/rig's drag in harbor.
  • Gives the technical possibility to disconnect the wing-masts from all other vessel equipment (balestrons, sails, halyards) to keep them free or controlled in rotation following the true wind direction.
  • Offers a controlled and safe sailing configuration in heavy wind and sea.
  • Developed to optimize the motor-sailor mode and give the vessel a true low consumption capacity.
Alex Plent, ASD, Chief Operating Officer

Alex Plent, ASD, Chief Operating Officer

Jean-Jacques Lavigne, Managing Director/CEO

Jean-Jacques Lavigne, Managing Director/CEO

The vessel equipped with NERSUS Rig® is a high efficiency motorsailer that can be used in manual or automatic mode.

The rotating wing-masts/sails are handled by the NERSUS monitoring & sails control software®. The vessel is able to motor sail at very close angle facing the true wind direction.

Coupled with a diesel-electric or GNL propulsion the software optimizes the ratio sails/propulsion efficiency to obtain a radical gain in terms of fuel consumption.

A vessel which will successfully combine multiple NERSUS Rig® and a LH2 (Liquid Hydrogen) propulsion, could be one of the most innovative technical responses from our industry to the climate change challenges.

Such a combination gives to the vessel a true "zero emission" qualification.

Asia Superyacht Development is led by Mr. Alexandre Plent & Mr. Jean-Jacques Lavigne. Nersus SARL was founded by Jacques Louvet, a well- known and long-standing sailing superyacht Captain who developed the NERSUS Rig® in collaboration with Naval Architect and Engineer Laurent Von Saenger, over many years of thoughts, design and studies..